The Band

In Berlin, Germany, Badecima is born, a Chilean Indie dreampop-art rock band with touches of psychedelia and with a strong vocal presence. The band is formed by Cecilia Pez on vocals and keyboards, Charlie Rex on guitars and vocals, Paul Sotier on drums and Ciro Dell’ Aglio on bass.
The story begins at the end of 2015 in Berlin, when Cecilia Pez and Charlie Rex, both Chilean nationals and architects, met and started playing music realizing that in both of them there was a powerful musical connection that would cement the foundations of the project.
This project, arises from the desire to channel, through music, a wealth of contained creative inspiration. Without being pigeonholed to a particular style, the creation is left to free spontaneity, generating a specific line that obeys that inertia caused by improvisation. This moment is encapsulated, polished and worked until it becomes a song.
The songs are loaded with rhythmic-brilliant guitars, atmospheric keyboards evoking a dreamy sound with psychedelic elements led by singing and vocal harmonies.
In all these years, Badecima has grown, transformed and evolved. After having gone through different formations of musicians and having played in different parts of the world, the band decides to consolidate their creations with the realization of their first album called Phantano, which becomes the definitive version of all the work done from 2016 to 2021.
The album consists of 9 songs, which tells a story where the listener is slowly introduced to a new sound, to reach a musical climax with dark melodies that finally unleash a liberating and soft passage, similar to the starting point, marking a cycle in the emotions lived in the Berlin swamp.
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