Deliplaya (2024)

Badecima – DELIPLAYA – 2024
1.  All by Myself  04:27
2.  Immersion  03:06
3.  Deliplaya  05:54
4.  Alto va  05:19
5.  L’amour  04:12
6.  Cannon Sleeves 04:51
7.  Sepia Sequía 03:32
8.  Cosmos  06:15

9. Delicia de papel  05:16
01 All by Myself   04:27
02 Immersion 
03 Deliplaya 
04 Alto va 
05 L’amour 
06 Cannon Sleeves  04:51
07Sepia Sequía
08 Cosmos 
09 Delicia de papel 05:16
Deliplaya shows a qualitative leap both in composition and sound, directing their music towards Dream-pop and psychedelia.
It is characterized by a quality sound, fresh and intense, which at the same time, reminds us of the best of the Dream-pop sound of the 90s.
Led by the virtuosity of Cecilia Pez’s voice, Badecima proposes another new trip of psychedelic pop through their songs that tell different stories but that as a whole get the whole picture.
Performers by recording the Album:
Cecilia Pez – Vocals & keyboards
Charlie Rex – Vocals & E.Guitar
JT Baudet – Vocals & E. Guitar
Ciro dell’ Aglio – Bass
Alessandro Guida – Drums & Percussions
Cecilia Pez (Cecilia Nercasseau)
Charlie Rex (Claudio Squella)
Badecima + The Famous Gold Watch
Francesco Salvadori (SWEEP)
Bob Spencer (The Famous Gold Watch)
The Famous Gold Watch
Cecilia Nercasseau & Claudio Squella
Thank you very much to all who made possible the realization of this Album
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 Picture by JD Doria

Phantano (2021)

Badecima – PHANTANO – 2021
1.  Herbstsonne 10:48
2.  Andando en Bicicleta 5:53
3.  Que Bonito 3:27
4.  Que Dónde Está 6:50
5.  Only 5:53
6.  Tiempos Violentos 6:39
7.  La Verdad que Aparece 4:16
8.  Postre 8:10

9.  Espartaco 7:24
01 Herbstsonne   – 10:42
02 Andando en Bicicleta – 05:46
03 Que Bonito – 03:24
04 Que Donde Está – 06:50
05 Only – 05:53
06 Tiempos Violentos – 06:39
07 La Verdad que Aparece – 04:08
08 Postre – 08:10
09 Espartaco – 07:16
«Phantano», proposes a journey into fantasy and psychedelia, where melodies and lyrics tell stories ranging from the nostalgic joy of childhood to darker colors with deep feelings.
The album consists of 9 songs, starting with an instrumental as an overture, called Herbstsonne, which introduces the listener to melodic and soft sounds as a meditation, and then moves on to a proposal marked by the voice of Cecilia Pez and the vocal harmonies of Charlie Rex, which also combines classic rock passages with guitars marked by the sound of the Telecaster. As for the keyboards, one can glimpse the touch of psychedelia impregnated in each song. Likewise, the nuances in the drums not only evoke sounds of classic rock, but also of progressive rock. The Phantano album tells a story in which the listener is slowly introduced to a new sound, to reach a musical climax with dark melodies that finally unleash a liberating and soft passage, similar to the starting point, marking a cycle in the emotions lived in the Berlin swamp.
Cecilia Pez – Vocals and keyboards
Charlie Rex – Vocals, guitar and bass
Paul Sotier – Drums and percussions
Cecilia Pez (Cecilia Nercasseau)
Charlie Rex (Claudio Squella)
Mixing and Master:
Sebastián Pangal
Reflex Magnet Studios

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«POSTRE» – Picture by Sofia Nercasseau
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